Mathematical Forms

Dimensional Extrusions

Karen Kuo
MArch I 2023
Ethica Burt
MDes Ecologies 2023
Monica Chelliah
MArch I 2026
1 Mathematical spiral amidst a sky of stars

Mathematics is everywhere.

From the structure of architecture to the discovery of new planets, mathematics continually serves as an essential tool in the advancement of science and technology. Within nature, mathematics conceals and reveals , intriguing researchers with its symmetry and inspiring poets and artists with its mixture of chaos and uniformity.

Mathematical Forms generates physical recreations of mathematical models inspired by the gravitational and black hole experiments conducted in Assignment [0] and Assignment [1]. By converting these undulating forms into static prints, a moment is captured from a lifetime of movement. By dwelling on the mathematical beauty of these objects, the orderliness and purity of its varied shapes comes to life.

Editing the GCode and printing without the use of supports resulted in many of the prints revealing different structures than intended, as we played with mathematics, it in turn played with us. Our final structures represent the sturdiest of these mathematical forms, with spiraling surfaces and incremental sizing of layers.

Project video
2 Plan and axon view of spiral pendulum model
3 Sample of Gcode generated by the Grasshopper process
4 An array of printed mathematical forms
5 Models showing different mathematical spirals