Shooting a Pumpkin

Gloria Yan
MArch II 2023
Shaoyu (Aelin) Li
MDes Narratives 2024
Chang Wu
MArch II 2024
1 A bullet fragments the pumpkin.

The project was inspired by the contrasting qualities between the exterior and the interior of fruits and vegetables. Cutting a pepper into two halves, we receive a hollowed structure filled with bumps and seeds instead of a solid object that is smooth and reflective as its skin. Similarly, pumpkins, pomegranates, and papayas demonstrate this fascinating contradiction. Based on 3D scanned objects of the halved fruits, we further explore various qualities of meshes. Several earlier studies experimented with processes of inflation, fragmentation, explosion, and skeletation. In the end, we simulated the breaking and recovering process of a pumpkin once pierced through by a bullet.

Project video
2 Studies on the scanned pumpkin and its transformations.
3 Real life rendering that shoots through the pumpkin.
4 3D scanning process.
5 Shooting the pumpkin.