Peace Piece

Deconstructing Gun Violence

Connie Hui
MDes Mediums 2024
MArch II 2024
1 Deconstructing Bullets

From 2011 to 2021, nearly 18,500 children ages 17 and younger died by firearm. Children exposed to gun violence experience short- and long-term psychological effects. So how might we help children overcome the effects of gun-related trauma?

Through the manipulation of bullet cartridge cases, the project intends to simulate the deconstruction of violence and remediation of the trauma in children who have witnessed or experienced gun violence. Before capturing the form as digital meshes, we physically manipulated the cartridge cases by painting them into the three RGB colors, as an attempt to make a reference to children’s toys and camouflage the intimidating metallic finish of firearms. As the meshes explode and the cartridge cases shatter into pieces, the animation represents the breaking down of traumatic memories. And when reuniting to reform the bullet cases, the pieces are whitened as a result of merging the three RGB colors as well as a sign of purity and peace.

Project video
2 Original Scanned Bullet cartridges
3 Process of the explosion
4 Overlapping image for the explosion