Physical Aura!

Tangible Audio Imprints

Jingyi Jia
MLA I 2023
Owen Mellett
MArch I 2023
Magic Sun
MLA II 2023
1 Three instances of physicalized Auras.

Taking inspiration from Norwood Viviano’s Global Cities Installation, the team looked to the 3d physicalization of data as a means to explore non – standard 3d printing compilers.

Extrapolating this interest in data to everyday interactions between people, we then examined the popular phenomenon of Spotify “Auras” – Gradients developed to represent one’s musical footprint.

Interpreting this visual information through Grasshopper, we then utilized this data to generate forms based on this information – translating the graphical “Aura” into a physical one, and implementing a custom GCode compiler to better represent the light, ethereal nature of sound. Through these processes, an exclusively digital audial footprint becomes ornamental or sculptural – a subtle means of indicating ones musical taste outside of the digital realm, though one still informed by entirely digital processes.

Project video
2 A Spotify Aura.
3 Norwood Viviano’s “Global Cities”
4 Various instances of physicalized Auras.