Two Hours Before Studio

I Have Studio 2 Hours Later, I Have Nothing

Xinxuan Yang
MArch II 2024
Ruijen Yang
MArch II 2024
Yiqi Yan
MDE 2024
1 Blow My Wish To Everyone

In gund hall, there is always such a group of mesh people. They have nothing two hours before the design class. They are shocked. They come to their senses. They go into a panic. They fall into despair. They encourage each other. They get through another day. This is the daily routine of the mesh people in the gund. This project is about a conversation between two mesh people.

This project is based on 3D scanning of real figures, as well as the editing and processing of mesh surfaces in grasshopper software. We used a 3D scanner to capture data from a panelist and a museum statue separately to generate 3D models. The imported raw scan files were simplified into mesh faces that are available for editing. First, the faces are deformed by disturbing the control vertices of the mesh faces to express the different emotions of the mesh people. Secondly, we disassemble the mesh face into a series of spheres or symbolic elements, and use the kangaroo plug-in to express the bursting and dissolving of the face to visualize the inner activities of the mesh person. Again, using mechanical manipulation, we make the two mesh faces interact to show the storyline.

Project video
2 Different visualizations of the mesh surface and a series of transformations, deforming, dissolving and ejecting them.
3 Inspiration on different ways of decomposition of entities with a certain volume