Vertical Mutation

Reinvent the Miesian Column

Muqing Bai
MDes Ecologies 2023
Zhaoqi Chen
MAUD 2023
Shichen Li
MArch II 2023
1 Axis of Mutation

Miesian describes architecture inspired by the modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, which reflects the rationalist tendencies in his works with his motto “less is more.” The famous Miesian column appears to be one of his signature interventions. The cruciform column represents the intersections of a spatial matrix, the materialization at a point of spatial order, and the geometric grid. The minimal expression of the Miesian column opens up possibilities for reinterpretation and reinvention.

The project Vertical Mutation uses G-code and 3d printing technology to generate a list of alternative results mutated from the original Miesian column. Without changing the nature of cruciform extrusion, the list of prints presents the successful outcome of the minimal extrusion rate, maximum extrusion rate, minimal layer height, and maximal layer height. The manipulation of the G-code parameter creates ‘unexpected’ patterns on the vertical surfaces. To figure out a structural way on creating the same patterns, we reverse the design sequence and create layer structures that mimic the ‘accidental’ patterns. While the first set of prints are the results of testing the machine's limit, the latter present more controlled methods.

Project video
2 Matrix of Outcomes
3 List of Extrusion Rate Variation
4 List of Layer Structure Variation
5 Toolpaths