Emotion Adventure

Transforming Environment Based on Emotion

Guoli Zhang
MAUD 2023
Jenny Jiang
MDE 2023
Haozhuo Yang
MAUD 2024
1 Transforming VR scenes based on your emotions

Color plays a more influential role in our lives than we realize. It can affect our minds, bodies, and overall mood. Color has such a powerful effect on us that we want to develop a game that uses color to reflect players' emotions. In order to better collect players' emotional data, we use a combination of GSR equipment and VR headset. This allows us to track players' emotional responses in real time and use this information to adjust the game's color palette and atmosphere accordingly. By using GSR and VR technology, we can provide players with a more immersive and emotionally engaging gaming experience.

To fully evoke user's emotion, we have set up a mini game where users can explore interesting places around the world straight from their starting point at a customized portal. For example, users can visit the Temple of Athena in Athens or a classical Chinese garden. Not only can players experience different spaces and cultures, they can also engage in activities that stimulate various emotions.

Project video
2 Exploring the Parthenon in Athens
3 Users try on VR headset with GSR sensor
4 Exploring Chinese Garden in VR
5 In VR portal choosing places to explore