GSD Memories

Inspirations Sharing at Tray in AR

Jingyi Jia
MLA I 2023
Magic Sun
MLA II 2023
1 Virtual Gund memories.

GSD tray is our second home! Each semester, we are assigned a desk and will gradually make this tiny space our own. Believe it or not, the desk gives a hint of our background, our hobbies, and even the progress we are making during the semester. From the items on a desk, we get to know the owner. Moreover, the desk is where our ideas are initialized. The handmade models and sketches are seeds of our creativity. The more we can communicate our ideas with each other, the more inspired we can be. Therefore, wouldn’t it be great to create a platform where students can drop their work digitally, and make them available when others pass by their desks?

As a group of two students from the landscape architecture program, we want to help students save and share their life and work that happened around the desks at GSD by linking Augmented Reality (AR) objects with each desk. We started by collecting drawings and models from students. Then, we generated a QR code for the desk and linked it to the objects shared by students. Scanning the QR code will trigger buttons with the names and grades of the previous desk owners. Click the button, and a gallery of design works will pop up in front of you!

Project video
2 By scanning QR code, models, sketches and drawings will pop up.
3 Views of AR objects in the app.