The Art of Paper Folding

Lingbo Li
MArch1 Ap 2024
Tracy Miao
MArch I AP 2024
Henry Chung
MArchI AP 2024
1 Recycling materials in an Origami way

Year after year, crazy tons of model materials are wasted at Gund Hall. Only-used-once delicate final model, well-crafted scaled furniture, materials that only used a part …..

For students, the physical model is a manifestation of ideas. Model making is central to architectural education and design studios. However, waste generates from repeated design iterations and inefficient fabrication. Questions of waste are often considered low-priority, and the problems created by the large volume and material diversity have not been seriously solved yet. Gund does have freecycle shelves in the basement, but they are too few to meet the needs.

How can we convince ourselves that we are designing sustainable architecture for the future when we can't even be sustainable when we are architecture students?

In response to these concerns, the project will focus on how to reuse the model material. One person's trash can be another one's treasure.

Project video
2 Origami Bag
3 The influence of basic triangle