Printing Lighting

3D-printed Lamp Shades via Under-Extrusion

Sujie Park
MArch I 2023
Chuan Yin
MArch II 2023
1 3D-printed lamp shades with various extrusion settings

This project explores a plausible method via under-extrusion that can be utilized for 3D printers to print lamp shades with various transparency and softness, trying to break through the traditional 3D printing goal to produce more flexible, interactive, creative products.

We explore features of the printer itself (feeding rate, extrusion amplifier, nozzle temperature, etc.) and the geometric characteristics of the printed object (layer height, spiral angle, interlayer gap, etc.) Our goal is to manipulate the language of the printer itself, G-Code, to achieve several under-extrusion settings on the same object, even on the same layer. By weaving up to four printing settings, we have several high-resolution lampshade products with various geometries and images. In order to achieve both quality and efficiency, we also experimented with a spiral-up printing path for a more smooth printing process.

Project video
2 Various patterns are twisted according to the geometry
3 Lamp shades with light off
4 Lamp shades with light on
5 Lamp shades also demonstrate softness, elasticity and flexibility