Remy Jump

Be Free, Be Remy!

Niko Tian
MDes Ecologies 2023
Yimei Hu
MDes Ecologies 2024
Siqi Joyce Zhu
MLA II 2023
1 Remy Jump

Do you ever wish to be free like Remy? Take a break from work, take a break from Gund. Our project, "Remy Jump," is a processing game that celebrates Remy, our school's beloved free-spirited wanderer.

"Remy Jump" is heavily inspired by "Doodle Jump," a platforming video game from 2009 - also the game we grew up with. We created three classes in the game - the backgrounds, the platforms, and the player (represented by Remy). The game has three levels, with scenes simulating three locations within and around Gund - the Loeb Library, Studio Tray, and the backyard; we want "Remy Jump" to become a game that can connect to the Gund community. The player starts in the library scene, and as they get to higher levels, Remy also transitions from the indoor space to the grass in Gund's backyard - a reminder for the human player to take a study break and go outside!

Project video
2 Processing Script
3 Remy Jump in the Library
4 Remy Jump in the Backyard