Walled City Stories

Creating the Palestinian Wall with Processing

Ghalya Alsanea
MDE 2024
Mimi Kigawa
MDE 2023
1 Stories from a Walled City

We were inspired by the evocativeness of graffiti and the messages they hold, but also how fleeting the self-regulated canvas can be – some pieces covered the next day, others years later. To try to archive the history of art, we created a virtual wall with an immersive way to explore the pieces using a camera controlled by the user’s mouse and embedded information about the art that pops up as the user is seeing the pieces from different years. We used Processing to play in a 3D environment and also have 2D slides that make it easier to breakdown the images and absorb textual information.

Project video
2 The variables used to determine the placement of art
3 The Palestinian Wall. Image by Al Jazeera.
4 The three phases/windows of our project