Ghost Fish

Mapping Bicycle Motion Onto a Digital Fish

Jimi Adeseun
MArch II 2025
Thomas Delahouliere
MArch I 2024
Brian Zug
MArch I 2024
1 Ghost Fish in the deep blue sea

Ghost fish is a wandering interpolation of curves that is generated based on a bicycle's motion around an obstacle path.

The skeleton of the fish is generated by trimming the trajectory curve at a given point on the path and for a given length; using this curve section as the spine gives the fish its wavy appearance when it moves.

The spine is divided into five points: front, middle front, apex, middle back, and back.

Three ellipses are drawn at the middle points, and then bent projected on a parabola to give the Fish its dynamic appearance. The length of the fish, width and height of the ellipses, and depth of the parabola are interpolated from speed data and plane angles.

Project video
2 Generating the skeleton
3 Ghost in a Point Cloud