Let it Fall

Visualizing Seasonal Change

Holly Hodge
MUP 2024
Hang Guo
MLA I 2024
Nehemiah Ashford-Carroll
MArch I 2025
1 Bouncing Acorns

In this project we visualized what leaves and acorns look like falling from a tree in fall. In order for better tracking we slowed down our movements and created an impressionist movement of the paths leaves and acorns take. The visualizations contrasted the sweeping falling movement of leaves and the linear and bouncing path acorns take. Pairing data visualization with these movements allows for a different way to contract human impressions of natural movement and the natural movement itself. We hope that relating to the natural environment through digital artist expression helps deepen the human understanding of nature’s movements.

Project video
2 Inspiration
3 Capturing the data using Fologram
4 Falling Leaves