A Maze-ing

Interactive Self-Generating Maze

Charles Deng
MArch II 2025
Amber Zeng
MArch I 2025
Shiqi Zhang
MArch I 2025
1 Getting lost inside the maze.

Our fascination with the maze starts with an inquiry into the use of the grid in geometric and pattern manipulations. Instead of starting from a pre-defined geometry or object, we want to define a grid that is expanding, autonomously generating many possibilities. Starting from a 2D plane, we create a maze and its solution path, and any expansion or shrinkage of the plane generates a new maze. The dynamics of the maze do not stop in two dimensions. Thinking of the maze as an intelligent creature, we want to create the maze in 3.5 dimensions.

The maze is deceptive. Its walls are mirror surfaces that reflect the surroundings, and they sync with each other and grow taller around the player, conspiring to trap the player within. Relentlessly undulating and multiplying, the maze is an elusive being generated from inexhaustible permutations of a desire to create an enigma and arrive at its final destination.

Project video
2 Undulating movement of the maze based on the location of the player.
3 Overlay of the player’s location within the maze and the 2D route.