Rising Sea Levels Speculative

Yuanqing Xie
MDE 2025
Shu Yu
MDes Mediums 2025
1 FLUX Main Scene

FLUX is a speculative design depicting the future cities submerged by the rising sea levels. The rising sea level crisis has been a crucial global issue for many years with a direct result of global warming and climate change. According to research, the global average sea level has risen 8–9 inches (21–24 cm) since 1880. These statistics brought to our interest that, what would our cities be like if they eventually would be submerged by the rising sea level? Is this already happening – or is it a future thing? How could human beings face this issue in the future once the land is completely covered by the sea, would they just build the buildings higher and higher?

Project video
2 Surface and Building Test
3 Aerial View
4 Particle Test
5 Front View