Rhythms of Growth

Growth at Opposite Scales

Sophia Cabral
MDes Mediums 2025
Una Liu
MDes Mediums 2025
Yvonne He
MUP 2024
1 A flat surface composed of two facing triangles subjected to gravity and collision avoidance rules.

Supernovae occur extremely rarely at the scale of light years, while cell mitosis occurs continuously at the scale of micrometers. Yet visually they are both appealing and have some commonalities. We felt they represented creation and growth as a function of time, albeit at extreme ends of the spectrum of size and frequency. Our thought was to start with a flat surface and contour it based on various parameters (gravity, collision avoidance) over time, inspired by supernovae, cell growth, and other similar motifs as water droplets.

The first C# component takes two anchor points, a vector indicating the direction of gravity, and double values for mass, stiffness, and friction as inputs. Line segments are then generated between the anchor points and divided into several points, each of which is shifted based on a gravity force calculation. The second C# component receives a list of points, with each point representing the center of a circle. Through an iterative process, these points are adjusted by a vector to avoid collisions with other circles. Using these two components, we created several surfaces, which grow and expand over time, drawing visual inspiration from supernovae, cell growth, and the ripple effect of water.

Project video
2 A circular surface growing and mutating with certain ripple effects.
3 Prototyping of the collision avoidance component, inspired by supernovae and cell mitosis processes.