Seeds of time

Dandelion, From Time to Change

Fatima Mamu
MDE 2025
Yilin Li
Annabelle Zhang
MDes Narratives 2025
1 Dandelion mid shed

Our project draws inspiration from nature, specifically the captivating lifecycle of the dandelion. As time progresses, the dandelion releases its seeds, which are then dispersed gracefully by the wind. Complementing the dandelion, the model also incorporates a field of grass, which elegantly sways in response to the wind's direction . To bring this vision to life, the project utilizes a potentiometer connected to an Arduino, as the potentiometer is adjusted, it animates the dandelion's seed release and the swaying of the grass, simulating the effects of time and wind. This interactive model not only serves as a testament to the beauty of nature but also showcases the potential of integrating technology with art.

Project video
2 Dandelion pre shed
3 Dandelion post shed