A Maze-ing 2.0

Getting Remi Donuts!

Charles Deng
MArch II 2025
Amber Zeng
MArch I 2025
Shiqi Zhang
MArch I 2025
1 Remy Running Around in the Maze.

A-Mazing 2.0 is about creating a dynamic playfield where many frictional forces, illusory perspectives, and unexpected transformations take place. Within this enchanted landscape, players join Remy, our adventurous protagonist, as she navigates a magical forest in pursuit of her favorite scattered food treats. Remy wanders in the forest and triggers many effects within the maze. The central challenge is for players to guide Remy through the twists and turns of the enchanted forest, discovering the hidden answer that will find the exit of the forest.

In this second iteration of our maze series, we move to Unity to elevate the gaming experience. The transition to Unity brings a new dimension of interactivity, enabling the maze to dynamically respond to Remy's movements. It also allows the user to decipher and respond to the maze. Beyond the goal of finding a solution, the maze now offers the player opportunities to fully immerse themselves in a series of fun situations.

Project video
2 The Maze contains objects categorized into different states: obstacles, walls, and awards.
3 The victory moment shows our title and congrats the player.