Into your Dream World

An AI-generated dream world in an AR portal

Chenghao(Ash) He
MDes Mediums 2025
1 AI-generated dream world

This Project, integrating Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC), enables users to create and fully immerse themselves in their dream worlds. By entering prompts, users can 360 panoramic virtual world.

Advanced AI technology transforms users' creativity into vivid 3D landscapes. Users can observe this world from different perspectives in a digital portal and step into this virtual space as if they were there.

The project incorporates the fluidity and uncertainty of dreams into virtual experiences. It also practices the reality-virtuality continuum, exploring seamless transitions between reality and virtuality. This unique platform for creation and immersion allows users to traverse the boundaries of reality and virtuality, experiencing the interweaving of dreams and reality.

Project video
2 AI-generated fantasy world in an AR portal
3 Seamless transition to the real world
4 Portal to the virtual world