Simulating Migration Behavior in Processing

Hang Guo
MLA I 2024
1 Final migration simulation outcome

This is a project that utilizes the Processing platform to gradually build a model showcasing animal migration behaviors at the landscape scale.

The project doesn't aim for an accurate, true-to-life model but explores simplifying and abstracting selected behavioral features of migration step by step, including three main parts:

1) Cell to cell: separation, cohesion, alignment;

2) Cell: decay, decline, proliferation;

3) Cell to environment: choose birthplace, adapt to different environments, track pheromones, be attracted by resource points, follow migration routes, affected by biological traps.

Project video
2 Cell-to-cell relaionship testing
3 Cell-to-environment reaction testing1
4 Cell-to-environment reaction testing2
5 Cell-to-environment reaction testing3