Sounds in Space

A Speech and Music Visualization Program

Isabel Wilson
Harvard College 2026
1 Music visualization program as it reacts to a song

Music and speech visualization is a fascinating concept that lies at the intersection of technology and art. It allows for the unique experience of immersing your body in multiple senses at once, like with the phenomenon of synesthesia. Both entertaining and educational, it provides a new understanding and appreciation for sonic qualities. For this project, I used the program Touchdesigner, a graphic programming platform and language that is often used with visual media works and installations. It uses python and allows for the editing of code within its “component” blocks for specific use.

I wanted my output to use internal music files as well as extract from external speakers, so I initially used a “switch” component and routed it to take information from both the device and files depending on a 0 to 1 switching scale. I then allowed the system to inspect the audio based on frequency, connecting that algorithm to various geometric calculations. This allowed for the creation of initial spheres and the correlation of their position with the sound. After that, I blurred, lagged, and added constant movement to increase visual appeal. There are infinite ways to manipulate it so that it creates different visual and sonic effects.

Project video
2 Another iteration after removing some visual effects
3 Setup of graphic geometry