Superfund Me

Learn About the Impact of Superfund Sites

Nehemiah Ashford-Carroll
MArch I 2025
Holly Hodge
MUP 2024
1 Superfund Me Game

Superfund Me is an interactive urban planning engagement game to teach users about the basic impacts of superfund sites on communities. Superfund sites are extremely polluted areas that require extensive cost and remediation to make them safe for human use. Many superfund sites have had detrimental impacts on communities around them and pollution from these sites have caused cases of cancer, food and water contamination, cognitive disorders, asthma, and birth defects.

We wanted to help increase awareness of these sites and help people understand their impacts. To create the digital components of this game we used Grasshopper, C#, Firefly, and Reactivision. To create the game pieces we used 3D printing.

Project video
2 Physical Gameboard
3 Game pieces with fiducial markers